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Battery-based electric vehicles will continue to be developed and their production accelerated in Indonesia. On the other hand, Indonesia is also targeting to become a major player in the electric vehicle industry in the world. Currently, the Government has a roadmap for the development of the automotive industry in the medium term, namely 2020-2030. The focus on the development of electric vehicles and their main components such as batteries, electric motors and converters.

For support that programs, we hold EV Indonesia Exhibition and EV Indonesia Forum. EV Indonesia 2022 is a trade show that focuses on electric vehicles, technology, components and EV manufacturing solutions. EV Indonesia presents an opportunity to showcase trends and technologies for electric vehicle manufacturing solutions including batteries, electric power trains, components, IT systems, materials, equipment and services as well as a platform for expanding business networks for the electric vehicle industry.

The EV Indonesia Forum 2022 aims to bring the professionals in the electric vehicle industry, government, researchers and key decision makers to discuss and sharing knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in the electric vehicle industry.

Working Within One or More of The Session Categories Proposed For Discussion Below:

  1. The Role of Indonesia Government to Develop Electric Vehicle Industry
  2. The Development of the Electric Vehicle Ecosystem in Indonesia
  3. EV Charging Infrastructure : Preparation, Development & Application
  4. Exploring New Battery Technologies And Battery Management System
  5. Electric Vehicle Investment Opportunities in Indonesia
  6. Opportunities & Challenges of EV Development in Indonesia
  7. Global Perspective : Opportunities & Challenges of Electric Vehicle (EV) Development in Indonesia

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