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Indonesia Ready to change through Electric Vehicle


The trend of electric cars is becoming more prevalent in the automotive world. The awareness of human needs for friendly environment vehicles makes many car manufacturers in the world to develop electric vehicle. In the future, automotive will transform to Electric Vehicle. The positive trend shown by electric vehicles where the government is massive in the development of electric vehicles and Indonesia will become electric car production centers.  Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest nickel reserves in the world.

Indonesia ready to become major player in electric vehicle industry. The government has set a roadmap for electric vehicle development until 2030 with the production target reach 600 thousand units for four wheels or more and two wheels reach up to 2.45 million units. Besides the vehicle, Indonesia also focus to EV’s Infrastructure, it is prove with built some Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU) or battery infrastructure for electric cars.

In the National Energy General Plan (RUEN) in 2025. The government is targeting 2,200 units of electric cars and 2.13 million units of electric motors produced. By 2030, the potential of electric vehicles will increase with an estimated 2.19 million units of electric cars and electric motors reaching 13 million units.

Indonesia is also moving towards a transformation of the bus industry into electric buses. There are now three industry players who are ready to produce with a capacity of 1,200 electric buses per year.